What Interests People About The “Chef Infrastructure Automation Cookbook”

by on September 28, 2013 · 22 comments

In October I teamed up with Packt Publishing to organize a giveaway of my book Chef Infrastructure Automation Cookbook. I asked people what interests them most about this book.

Chef Infrastructure Automation Cookbook

My book contains practical recipes on everything you will need to automate your infrastructure using Chef. The book is packed with illustrated code examples to automate your server and cloud infrastructure.

Two lucky winners won an e-copy of the book. Find out what interests people most about this book in the comments below.

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  1. Josh Cope says

    What interests me most about the book is a hands on approach to configuration management automation using Chef. I like the idea of the book showing you tasks then explaining what you just saw in detail and also giving you examples in real world situations with ready made cookbooks.

  2. sgmac says

    I guess the most important thing when starting out with new tools is to get a good hands-on. I think I may achieve this if I can work by following examples. I really liked the idea of step-by-step instructions.

  3. says

    I’m interested to learn about Chef in general as I’m familiar with Puppet, Razor, VMware Orchestrator and a few other automation tools. I’ve been hearing more about Chef recently and need to build my understanding of what it can do and this book looks pretty comprehensive.

  4. Michal Kubenka says

    I like that the book is is filled with working code and easy-to-follow, step-by-step instructions. I know a little bit about puppet and salt so I hope this book can help me make my final decision.

  5. says

    I’m most interested in TDD with Chef. We’re a Puppet shop, but since implementing it, our team has become more and more proficient with Ruby. Ruby has a lot of TDD evangelists, but sadly, Puppet’s community doesn’t seem to appreciate the approach. I’d love to learn the ins and outs of TDD in Chef.

  6. Joules says

    I am looking for ways to integrate Chef into a CI process where Chef performs the deployments, push wins over pull and my CI server is my workstation :-)

  7. Matt M says

    This: Write clean and maintainable cookbooks by following established coding standards and patterns

  8. Lino Espinoza says

    I really need to learn a mantainable aproach about chef configuration, and I think this book is gonna help me to do that.

  9. rayray says

    Would like to use the book to quickly compare and eval Chef with Puppet management approaches.

  10. Joel Valdez says

    Forgot to put my fullname. I would love to learn more about chef, especially creating LWRP, libraries, templates and handlers and a lot more.

  11. Sergii says

    I would like to get details how to write own ohai plugins, some special cases how to use encrypted databags, perform TDD with chef, some bits about test-kitchen and other useful tools around chef (Berkshelf, Librarian). Especially I am interested in chef implementations in large networks. All this information would be really useful. Thanks!

  12. Eslam El Husseiny says

    I already started learning configuration management with puppet using “puppet cookbook” and “pro puppet” which is the same way “Chef Infrastructure Automation Cookbook” is using to handle chef, i love this way of starting learning tech / tool using hands-on examples that enables you understand theory from a practical / sensible example.
    Plus chef is one of topics i want to learn not just to use it in my work, but also to compare with puppet, extending my configuration management knowledge, and to contribute in both chef cookbooks and chef itself as it’s one of 2013 opensource projects.

  13. Eddu Melendez says

    Currently, I am a developer and I really like it. But, as everybody sometimes I need to set up servers, databases, different environments. I am very interesting in Chef because I can see that it can help me a lot in my current problems. Futhermore, I really like to be part of a movement in my peruvian company. I have been part of a big project and we have had different problems, some of them setting environments. I think that this book will be very useful for me and my team.

  14. Arman Martirosyan says

    Hoping to make life easier with Chef! And compare it with Puppet. Very interested in real-life scenarios/recipes.