DevOps Entrenched – Tide Begins to Turn

by on April 5, 2011 · 1 comment

I’ve always seen it as a battle. Maybe it’s the soldier in me or just the willingness to fight for my beliefs. Either way, we are winning and the IT industry will never be the same. Developers and Sysadmins are joining forces and forming “Delivery Teams” – working together to ship high quality products to customers faster than ever.
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Tailoring Your Munin Installation

by on December 21, 2009 · 0 comments

After following Dan’s tutorial on installing munin on your servers, you already get the benefits of munin’s default plugins. You have graphs showing your CPU, RAM, I/O, as well as MySQL, Exim, and quite some other stats. But most of the time you run some additional software which you also want to montior.
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Dev and Ops Cooperation

by on July 10, 2009 · 6 comments

John Allspaw and Paul Hammond did a great presentation at Velocity 2009 about the tools and culture at Flickr, which enable them to do 10+ deploys per day.

My favorite quote is:

Ops’ job is NOT to keep the site stable and fast [but]
Ops’ job is it to enable the business (this is the dev’s job too)
The business requires change

They go on by presenting the dilemma of discouraging change in the interest of stability or allowing change to happen as often as it needs to. This is where they introduce their tools and culture for lowering the risk of change.

In this post I want to share with you how we use some of the tools John and Paul mention.
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Behavior Driven Ops, Kanban vs. Scrum and a new upcoming Monitoring and Trending Tool

by on June 25, 2009 · 2 comments

  • Testing Dash Metrics with Cucumber (Bradley Taylor) – A short article showing off a Cucumber feature for monitoring with Nagios.
  • Kanban vs. Scrum (Henrik Kniberg) – A great, 26 page long PDF about the similarities and differences between Scrum and Kanban. Absolutely worth reading!
  • Reconnoiter (Theo Schlossnagle) – Theo and his OmniTI Labs are working on a new monitoring and trending application – a combination of Nagios, Cacti and the like with the goal to ease administration and scale efficiently. No releases yet but looks promising.

Limiting Access to Test and Production Systems

by on January 11, 2009 · 2 comments

How do you decide who in the company should have access to the test and production environments? Opening it up to everyone is one extreme which in today’s security sensitive world is no longer an option. At the far other end, granting only one person access, while perhaps more secure (depending on who you’ve entrusted this ‘honor’), is just as dangerous. People are not gods, and besides spontaneously dying, also have nasty tendencies to get sick, go on vacations and (heaven forbid) quit their job.

So most companies shoot middle of the road – granting access to a select group of individuals and ensuring there’s some decent logging to monitor usage and proper sick leave and vacation coverage. The question I’d like to help you answer is which individuals should have access. And, of course, like any sane individual, I’ll start my answer with ‘It depends…’ – it depends on the degree of configuration management your environment has.
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